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Navigating adoption takes time and a good understanding of the process. A competent family law attorney can assist with several types of adoption in Ohio

The act of adoption is a legal process that creates a parent/child bond between persons without a natural parent/child relation. The party who adopts a child becomes the legal parent of the child for all purposes including the obligation to care for and provide for the child. The adoptive child is treated as a biological child by the law.


There are various kinds of adoptions: for more information on which one is right for your situation contact Trolinger Law Offices today.

Stepparent adoption

Stepparents may adopt their stepchildren if their spouse consents to the adoption and the other biological parent consents or if his/her consent is not required. Consent is not required if the other parent has had minimal contact with the child or if they have failed to provide financial support for the child one year prior to the filing of the petition to adopt.

custodial adoption in ohio

A custodial adoption is when a person has custody of the minor and files a petition to adopt the minor. Again, the adoption can go forward if the parents consent or if it can be proven that the consent is not required as described above.

With both stepparent and custodial adoptions, placement is not required. Placement is when the probate court authorizes the minor to be placed with a person or family. After the child has been placed with the person or family for 6 months, the adopting individual(s) can then file the petition for adoption.

ohio private adoption attorney

A private adoption is where the birth mother and the adopting party or parties arrange for the adoption among themselves. Once the child is born, the adopting parents seek placement of the child through the probate court with the consent of the birth parent(s). Once placement has been established and the child has resided with the adopting parent(s) for 6 months, then the adoption can be filed and processed through the probate court.


An agency adoption is where the adopting parent(s) works with an adoption agency or with children services to connect with a child that is up for adoption or with a birth parent that is seeking to provide their child for adoption. Another option for individuals or couples seeking to adopt is to become a foster parent and work with children services to adopt children that you foster. Many times, this is due to abuse, neglect, and dependency cases brought by children services in juvenile court.

In any case, the person who adopts a child becomes the legal parent of the child for all purposes including the obligation to care and provide for the child, and the child’s right to inherit from the adoptive parents. The adoptive child is treated as a biological child by the law.

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