If you are dissatisfied with the decision in your case after a trial, you have the options to try to correct the situation.

Every person is entitled to an appeal after a final decision is reached. If you feel that this is the right course of action in your case, know that there are very strict and short deadlines by which you must file an appeal. It is important that you contact a competent appellate attorney as soon as possible to help guide you through this process.

The team at Trolinger Law Offices, LLC has extensive experience in appellate courts. Our attorneys have successfully practiced and argued in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and numerous other courts of appeal in various districts throughout the State of Ohio in both civil litigation and family law appeals, on cases involving constitutional rights, employment rights, business litigation, consumer litigation, contract law, and general tort law. Due to this wide range of experience, our firm is uniquely positioned to assist you in your civil appeal of your decision.

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Understanding The Process

A notice of appeal can be filed to initiate a case in the Court of Appeals for a three judge panel to review the trial court’s decision. The notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days of the filing of the decision of the trial court. If an appeal is not filed within that time, then you will not be able to change the trial court’s decision or judgment. 

An appeal can address all aspects of the final decision or the process and procedures used to obtain the final decision. An experienced appellate attorney will review your case for both factual and legal errors. However, many of the issues cannot be discovered until after the transcript of the trial is obtained and reviewed. An appeal can take several months to over a year to complete from start to finish regardless of whether a cross-appeal is filed or not.


There are at least two parties to every case, and appeals are no different. If you were successful at trial and received a favorable judgment from the court, but the opposing party has filed an appeal, you should contact an experienced appellate attorney to defend your judgment from the other party’s appeal. Likewise, an experienced appellate attorney can review your case to determine whether you too have issues that you may want addressed in the court of appeals through a cross-appeal. A cross-appeal is an appeal that you file only after the other party files their initial notice of appeal.

Other Strategies

Sometimes an appeal is not the best answer to your legal situation. In certain circumstances, the filing of a motion to vacate the decision or modify the decision is the better strategy for your situation. Additionally, if you are outside of the window when an appeal can be filed, there still might be options for you other than an appeal. Our attorneys can assist you in determining your best legal strategy to address your needs and concerns. Click here to schedule a consultation. (link to contact page)

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